Physical Security & Safety

Times are changing rapidly and with the advancement of technology, the threats from varied sources are on the rise too. These threats are slowly but surely becoming part of our day-to-day life. At Meridian, we value your life and asset, which is the reason we have extensively invested in technologies that offer you comprehensive, intelligent and integrated solution that ensures complete safety and security for your business.

Video Surveillance & Monitoring Solution:

At Meridian, we offer you customized solution through an extensive range of cameras & CCTV surveillance systems designed to increase the level of security in a business. Our deep understanding of our customers’ overall security requirements enables us to suggest you the most apt camera system as per the requirement, as well as the budget.

Be it hotels, Corporate offices, Schools, Resorts, Airports, Industries, Domestic Retail Banks, Residential our IP Surveillance Application ensure safe and secured environment through Analog CCTV cameras. Each camera of Meridian has its own address and via central management software, can be accessed by several users in any location on any network or across the Internet, using PC’s, laptops and so forth.

Time Attendance:

The manual registers have already become a passé, giving way to the modern-day technology of a simple, intuitive and most importantly, highly secure Biometrics and RFId technology. In today’s times, most organizations use Biometric/RFId based time and attendance systems to record their employees start and stop of work and also keep track of the department or place of work performed, which enables an employer to have full control of employees working hours and their activities.