Next Generation Security

The Access Control offered by Meridian empowers you with the ability of managing your facility through monitoring and establishing controlled access entry points to main entrances, secure rooms within buildings, elevators, stairwells, and doors. This is especially relevant for companies where keeping track of employees’ attendance is vital to the efficiency of the business, time and attendance systems allow companies to manage, monitor and produce reports of employee’s attendance.

Furthermore, keyless entry has proven to be a highly effective means for easily handling employee safety and turnover as well as protecting a company’s infrastructure from internal and external losses. Access control, as part of a business security alarm system can be an incredible money saving tool by eliminating re-keying with each employee departure.

Type of Access Control Solutions

  • Master-Slave Configuration
  • Standalone Reader/Controller
  • Elevator Control System
  • Access control with Face Identification
  • Visitor Management System

Type of equipments for Access control

  • Access Control Panel (Hardware can be removed)
  • Readers (Biometric/Card Based/Pin based)
  • Electro-magnetic Locks
  • Access Control Software and Time & Attendance System

Access control with Face Identification:

The Meridian offers you the benefits of CCTV System with Access Control Alarm Software through which the images of the users will be captured and will be stored in the central database. We can view the images with complete details of alarm and even the admin can watch the live streaming of CCTV camera for every door for total protection.